About the Saturday Night Party Zone

The Saturday Night Party Zone is a syndicated radio show produced by Glen McBride in Melbourne, Australia and is heard worldwide.

It celebrates the best of the disco eras past, from Italo Disco, 80s party hits, 90's dance and trance and more.

The show is made available to radio stations with compatible programming formats.
CONTACT US if you'd like to air the show.

The show itself is a 4 hour duration, divided into 4 distinctly different parts:

  • Hour 1 - The Disco hour celebrates all that is Italo Disco and similar songs (Think Ken Laszlo, Patrick Hernandez etc)
  • Hour 2 - The "Instant party" focuses on party songs principally from the 80s (Think Grease, Wham!, Spandau Ballet etc)
  • Hour 3 - The 90s @ nite celebrates the dance and house tunes from the 1990s (Think Sub Sub, Felix, Paul Van Dyk and more)
  • Hour 4 - The SNPZ Mix hour is just that - a non-stop mix of all dance eras - play it loud! (Just like being at a retro-focussed nightclub)

Each hour is further divided into two "Chunks" allowing airing stations to bookend each "chunk" with local advertising, CSAs, promos etc

DJ talk is kept to a minimum as the focus is on the party, not the DJ. Typically there is talk at the start and end of each 30 minute bracket, and occasionally a short intro mid-way, otherwise the music does the entertaining.

CLICK HERE to listen to our demo reel "SNPZ in under 5 minutes"

Each week the play list is loaded onto this site for listeners to review.

We welcome requests, just email us or leave a message in the forum.

And if you're in Melbourne, you can get your daily dose of retro-ness every day 12midday to 2pm on 1611XX when Glen McBride hosts The Retro Lunch LIVE (So you can call in and request stuff!) and yes they do have a streaming feed too!