Remember those halcyon days of the "Super clubs" from the 80's and the 90s?

Remember the music that was played at those clubs?

Remember the classic "Disco" and "Eurobeat" songs that you always heard but never knew the names of?

Remember those tracks that ultimately ended up on Aerobics tapes from the same era?

Well we do! and that's the basis of the Saturday night party zone!

We've dug up (Sometimes quite literally) those old records and on rare occasions found CDs with those old songs on them, lovingly restored them, mixed them together and made a show to kick off your Saturday nights.

The Saturday night party zone is as much a trip back through time as it is a party inside your radio!

Our mix meisters take all those old songs from the 80s through the mid 90's, put them into a blender and produce a Saturday evening that will have you yelling "Oh my gosh - THAT old song!" - guaranteed!