Legal and misc stuff

Saturday night party zone is inspired by a radio programme called "Friday night party zone" that aired on Seattle's C89 FM through the 1990's and early 2000's and was the concept of its host and producer Mike Brady. The name is used with his express consent (He's also a guest contributor from time to time)

Some production and programming is supplied by MFTM Pty Ltd and its companies.

In Melbourne airtime is generously provided by Double X 1611 AM .

The trademarks "Saturday night party zone" and "Friday night party zone" have been applied for registration in Australia.

If you like the show contact 1611 Double X about syndicating it for your station, they're extremely reasonable people.

Don't rip anything off and we'll get along fine.

We have nasty lawyers. Don't find out the hard way that this is the case. Play fair, be nice and we'll all have some fun